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Im going to get a skateboard tomarrow and shoes wich should i get? please name some good brands?

well im getting a blanck skateboard (no wheels or trucks come with it) and some wheels. My qestion is to you whats a good blanck skate board? (brand name please) and what are some good wheels?.Also what are some REALLY good skate shoes ones that%26#039;ll last me a long time (i know every shoe doesnt last to long but hey its for 10 points :) ). finally last qestion whats your experince at a skatepark? good? bad? are alot of people jerks or are they nice (i know the skatepark qestion sounds gay but ive only been to a skatepark 3 times so yeah)

Im going to get a skateboard tomarrow and shoes wich should i get? please name some good brands?
for the deck, if you want it to last and have good pop, get a DGK, PLAN B or an ELEMENT. people say elements stink but i have one and i%26#039;ve had it for 7 months now and i still ride it. get some tensor trucks they are very light. as for wheels, get ricta or spitfires and get bone swiss bearings because they are FAST. For shoes, fallens and adios are your best bet. don%26#039;t get a completely rubber outside for your shoes because the rip faster also, get an extra pare of shoe laces. you%26#039;ll need em lets leave it at that. dude, skateboarding is like a brotherhood (sisterhood too) or a religion. real and true skateboarderes stick together and might just offer you advice. be kind to anyone and they%26#039;ll probably be kind to you. DO NOT WORRY. it will be fine. if you worry, AND THEN fall and then its humilating. just laugh it off a go back to skating with your buds. watch out for bikers because for some odd reason, most of them hate skaters. the way i see it, there ae skaters and then there are skater punks. stay away from the punks because they always want to pick fights for their own enjoyment. you%26#039;ll know one when you see one
Reply:good job. i used to have a world industries too and pig wheels are pretty good Report It

Reply:Deck- Blackout, Speed Demons

Wheels- Spitfire, Ricta

Shoes- Fallen, Etnies

most people are nice,
Reply:the best skate shoes are circa lakai and fallen and the best balnk boards are ATM and minnielogos and bones are the best wheels and at the skatepark if u get in peoples way then there meen but if u dont then u mite make some frends i made frends at the park like if u guys are both tryin the same thing then u end up askin how they try to do it and u guys try it together or just go up to sum1 and ask them wat there board is and how long they%26#039;ve been skatin and other stuff
Reply:Most skateshops make there own blank decks and you can also find them just about everywhere you go. It doesnt really matter witch brand cause they all are the same. Weels Id go with are spitfires or autobahn%26#039;s.

Shoes go with like Fallen, Vans or get etnies which are comfortable but rip and tear easy if you get the fabric kind.

Yes the people at the skateparks are nice but like dont like insult them on tricks they cant do cause you will get like the sh*t kicked out of you if you talk to much s#^t.
Reply:dude. id get an alien workshop board. thats what i have. i have independent trucks,, alien workshop wheels,, lucky barrings,, bones hardware,, and the shoes i find most comforable/help me do my tricks better are DCs.. and im a street skater, mainly because i dont live around a town that has a skateparkk and i dont have my license yet. hope i helped!!
Reply:Well for the board any blank board is the same as the next. Personally black label is alright but alot of the time its cheaper to get the brand of the store (my local skate shop carries its own brand) Wheels you should go with Blind or Spitfire both good get them thin if you wanna do tricks or wide if you wanna just cruise. Shoes...i would go with Circa they are a bit pricy but they lasted the longest when i skated (back in the day lol) Skateparks are fun (my local one is usually empty anyways) alot of people can be a bit mean but if you come around often you should make some good friends :D good luck with skating
Reply:cheap blank boards are at your local board shops even the lil local skateshop board is good. wheels i would have to say spitfire, and ricta wheels are good. make sure u put them in the freezer overnight. guaranteed to make them last longer. i would say go with DC. DC lives up to its shoes. trust me DC shoes last long and very very durable. skateparks, to me was chill i liked them a lot cause i use to rollerblade and when i did the guys there didnt act like jerks. and if they did id smack them upside up the head. anyways now i skateboard and the guys there are even more chill. just skate and have fun. you shouldnt worry bout them. your there to skate and have fun for you not them.
Reply:Well...why get a blank deck? Really if you havent skated much yet it doesnt matter what kind of deck you have. I ride FLIP but thats just my preference. I would say since your starting out to stay AWAY from element. They are featherlight boards with a line of fiberglass in them and if you cut into that it will hurt and what not. So just stay away. Ricta makes really good wheels. I would definitely go with them. And dont forget bearings...i%26#039;d say black panther bearings...and if you do need a truck get some Tensor trucks. But really skate parks are a great place to go. There are alot of guys who can help you and give you you can watch how they do things and try. Don%26#039;t be afraid to try things though...remember they were once at the same level as you. And yes there will be a few jerks there...but there are jerks everywhere. But usually its more of the bikers you have to watch out for. Good luck man, Have fun

Also i forgot shoes, Emericas are great. I skate them and when i used to have Es and DC they would break faster. Emericas last

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Darning Pointe shoes?

Does anyone darn thier pointe shoes. How do you do it? What do you do instead of darning the tips. I have been cutting out the satin on the tip and coating it with nail polish so it does not fray. I was wondering if there was a neater way that might make the shoes last longer.

Darning Pointe shoes?
Few people darn pointe shoes anymore, but it can prevent slipping. I have been on pointe for 5 years and i have always just left the tips of my pointe shoes alone, when they tear, i coat them with nail polish, just like you.

I%26#039;m really sorry but i don%26#039;t exactly know how to darn pointe shoes. try asking a teacher, or searching on the web. unless you are preforming often, having ripped tips of pointe shoes shouldn%26#039;t make a huge difference, my recommendation would be to continue the nail polish method.

if you would like pointe shoes where the tips do not tear, i would try gaynor mindens

good luck and happy dancing
Reply:i usually just leave the tip alone but you can cut it and then burn the edges carefully. It just takes some practice but it looks much neater. I do that for my ribbons too.

If your looking for something that looks neat and doesn%26#039;t slip, you can also get moleskin from like wal-mart and cut it out in the shape of your box and stick it on. I used to do that sometimes too.
Reply:this may sound crazy but take a lighter to it on the tip....just wave it over the satin real quick if you dont know what i mean watch %26quot;center stage%26quot;


Buying Pointe Shoes?

I%26#039;m doing research for a script I%26#039;m writing. The main character is a professional ballet dancer. At one point the main character goes to buy new pointe shoes. I%26#039;ve got two questions:

1. Who is the best company to buy from?

2. How long, on average, will the shoes last?

Thanks and God Bless!!!

Buying Pointe Shoes?
Higher level dance students, who usually take several pointe classes a week, can often go through one or more pairs monthly. Professional dancers go through pointe shoes much more quickly and order shoes in bulk directly from manufacturers - one pair can %26quot;die%26quot; after twenty minutes of a performance. Many professional ballet companies offer shoe allowances to their dancers, allotting a certain number of shoes to each dancer per season, depending on her position in the company. Professional dancers may buy very expensive pointe shoes, ranging from $150 to $250, depending on what company and how they are customized. Professional dancers almost NEVER buy their own shoes from a shop.

As a dancer myself, I have always enjoyed Gaynor Minden pointe shoes, because of the customization options. Freed of London also makes a great shoe.

Good luck!
Reply:I buy from Bloch. Mine last about a month or two.
Reply:1. There really isn%26#039;t a best company to buy from. Whatever fits and feels best is the one to get. It differs for everyone.

In my opinion, Bloch or Gaynor Minden is the best.

2. It depends on the strength of the foot, and how often they are being used. For your character, being a pro and all, they would probably go through a pair in a day or two, maybe three.
Reply:Depends on the shoes and the dancers. I always wore Grishko%26#039;s because they make super hard shoes with double shanks. All that means is my feet were very strong and needed a strong shoe, nothing about ability.

What I%26#039;m saying is it depends on how deep you want to go into it. Dancers rarely wear new shoes for a performance. New shoes are loud and not broken in. So a performance or two at best. New shoes for class can last a couple of classes depending on again the shoe and the dancer.
Reply:Grishko or russian pointe.

and also

what i have heard is that they only last up a 2 hour performance non stop dancing.
Reply:There is no best brand, a lot of factors go into deciding which pointe shoe works for each dancer (ex. strength of arch, how long class will be, etc.) for the script, if you want to drop some big names, capezio, bloch, gaynor minden, sansha, gamba, grishko. the life of a shoe is actually only a few hours. i wore gamba 97s and the box would be crushed within 3 or 4 hours, it depends on the strength of the dancers feet, how much pointe is being done center floor, etc.

good luck with your script!
Reply:for professionals need them every week maybe even every class depending on how hard there working. there is no good pointe shoes brand. It has to do with the shape and strength of the foot thats wearing them.

may God bless you and everyone you love!
Reply:companies: Bloch, Capezio, Grishko

ballet pointe shoes last depending on how often you could be from 6 months to a year.
Reply:the best brand would be Bloch and and professional dancers go through one pointe she per performance a lot of times but regular dancers usually go through 2 pair per year
Reply:That depends on how much support you want! Gaynor Mindens were recommended to me when I first started on pointe. If you dance on them for about 3 hrs. a week they will last you around 8mnths(a long time compared to a 2 wk normal shoes such as Bloch or Freed)
Reply:At most professional training schools, like the School of American Ballet or the English National Ballet School, students wear Freeds (either Studios or Classics) when they are first starting out. Many continue to wear them throughout their professional careers.

Please don%26#039;t use Gaynor Mindens. They look very, very ugly, even on otherwise gorgeous dancers like Gillian Murphy. Just saying.

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Funniest thing your puppy or dog has ever done?

What is the FUNNIEST thing your puppy or dog has ever done?

This morning, I brought in today%26#039;s newspaper (it comes bagged) and dropped it on the floor by the door while I took my shoes off. My puppy went totally wacko on the newspaper! Jumping around it in circles and growling, backing away, then moving in for the %26#039;kill%26#039; but he chickened out at the last minute. And its not like he%26#039;s never seen a newspaper before, he tries to eat them every day! Too funny.

Funniest thing your puppy or dog has ever done?
my dog likes to sit in the recliner. one day my husband wouldn%26#039;t get up and let him sit there, so he walked into the kitchen and barked at his water dish. when my husband got up to get him some water, my dog ran back into the living room and jumped into the recliner. smart dog!
Reply:i dont have a dog :(, but i would love to have a husky puppy
Reply:Too Funny! My boxer took a flying leap off my bed into the kitchen where he slid across the floor into the garbage can and then hit a wall head 1st, it was very funny!
Reply:Engaging the vacuum cleaner in mortal combat.
Reply:it happened last night my pup just got out of the bath tub and just got done with his bath and HE WAS NUTS bouncing off the walls chasing his tail like a nut he%26#039;s never bin like this before so i was cute
Reply:my 120 lb rotty, Icco likes to sing to my cat....i have 5 cats, but he only sings to one in particular, so he%26#039;ll sit in front of the cat and do his howly barky type singing and the cat sits there and chirps to him, they%26#039;ve been doing this for about a year now, and i still find it amusing every time they do it
Reply:Mine was probably when my dog, Tucker, was playing with this dog toy that was a shark and it squeaked. He would shake it in his mouth like a maniac and one time he shook it with his mouth and it flew and hit blue glass bottles that were on top of our entertainment center. He didn%26#039;t break any of them lol. And also we have this Jingle Cats CD, it%26#039;s a stupid x-mas CD of cats meowing x-mas songs, when we would play it he would pluck up his ears so his head was all wrinkled and look around for the cats lol.
Reply:I think my two favorite are her running head first into a glass door full speed to get to the dog inside (she%26#039;d never had a back door before) and her attacking a vibrating back massager and then totally freaking out when she accidentally turned it on.
Reply:My 2 boxers and I live in a home with a small, fenced backyard. My dogs can escape out through a hole, but they never run away. Every time they escape, they run around to the front door. They finally found their way back inside. They now know how to open the front door! I came home from work one day and they were sitting inside the door with the door wide open. It took me forever to figure out what happened.
Reply:I totally had the same vibrating back massager experience!!
Reply:Went to his bed to hide (shame) when my sister put a Halloween costume on him.
Reply:haha, usually when people ring the doorbell, my puppy runs around the table in circles. And she doesn%26#039;t stop. If you pretend to be a dog, she%26#039;ll keep on going and going like the Energizer battery. haha

well if i give my pup certain fruits (the slimy types, banana%26#039;s, peach etc.) he will start scratching it on the floor and jumping around it barking, tail wagging GOING CRAZY!
Reply:i was sitting outside tanning and my dog was outside running around. I had the radio on. And my dog started barking and i look at her and she was up on her 2 back legs and spinning around. It was so funny and cute. Then the neighbor let her pug out and those 2 started chasing each other. It was just a good day....

Funny story you had!!! lol


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Whats the song called on the Jordan shoe commercial where the home team looses due to a last second slam dunk?

In the commercial, the team wearing the white uniforms is the home team and the team wearing the black uniforms is the away team. The home team is winning but then the away team takes the ball and with just seconds left in the game and loosing by only 1 point, he jumps and poses like Jordan as he goes in for a slam dunk, thus winning the basketball game for the away team and breaking the hearts of the home team. The song is sort of a chant. Not sure how to describe it. If anybody can help me out in letting me know this, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks!

Whats the song called on the Jordan shoe commercial where the home team looses due to a last second slam dunk?
This has been asked before - I%26#039;ll try to find the answer again...

Mozart%26#039;s Requiem in D Minor, K. 626: 3. Sequentia: Lacrimosa
Reply:No problem - the other kid had said Nike commercial, so I thought he meant the Second Coming, but someone else realized what he meant from his details and got the correct answer. Report It

Reply:that song is cool! the name of it is

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What should I do about 11 year old who lies for fun and/or to get out of chores?

Stepdaughter is 11. She’s been told that from now on she’s to get her clothes out the night before school b/c she has difficulties in the mornings like most kids. Last night she was watching a movie when I told her to go get her clothes ready. She argues. I say OK then go to bed right now so you will have time in the AM. She says she%26#039;ll get her clothes. She pulls out the first thing she sees. A white dress she wore as a flower girl to a wedding. I%26#039;ve been advised by others to not debate with her over clothes/hair choices as she%26#039;s old enough to decide and face feel the consequences of her choices. I say OK, find the dress shoes. She complains but finds them and resumes watching TV. Next AM she marches past the dress without blinking an eye and goes to find some clothes. She almost missed her bus. I told her that I think she knew she wasn%26#039;t going to wear that dress and lied to me. She got quiet. How to prevent this behavior in the future please?

What should I do about 11 year old who lies for fun and/or to get out of chores?
The TV need to go. Kids are very dependent on TV these days and taking it away is like taking drugs away from an addict. A night or two without the tube will get some results.
Reply:Don%26#039;t let her control you!! Lay down the law! She is not old enough to decide, but she is old enough for the consequences.Until she can accept responsibility for what she is going to wear, YOU must tell her what she will wear, and don%26#039;t let her change your mind.
Reply:What works in my house is to go through with her the Sunday before school and have my 6 year old to pick all the outfits she wants to wear and put them on hangers with labels with the day on it and the shoes under them that go with that outfit. That way she knows exactly what to wear and what day to wear it. That way she has the confidence to wear her clothes and she can still tell everyone that SHE picked the outfit. And I guarantee your little one is out of the house faster. The lieing thing I was much meaner if that even is a word. Blatenly lie to her a few times. If she askes for a treat after dinner say yes and don%26#039;t give it to her until she askes again where it is and then say,%26quot;oops I lied.%26quot; Then talk to her about how dissapointing it feels to have someone lie to you. Then the next time she lies remind her of that feeling and ask her again for the truth, let her know that its ok to tell you without punishment of that truth. When she does tell the truth reward her for that and lots of praises and talk about what would happen next time she lies or does what ever she lied about. Alway thank her for telling the truth no matter what happened because after all its the lie that makes us upset over the misdeed. I had to do this with my 2 year old who blames everything on her father. He goes into her room while she is sleeping and messes it up apparently and tells her not to brush her teeth. And if that doesn%26#039;t work just remind her that santa and grandma knows when they are bad. lol.
Reply:I think that the Tv can be removed from the home...that is what my parents did and I finally did my homework and got up in time etc. ...because that is what I wanted to earn back. Let her think that she has some rewards for doing the right thing and that she is in is up to her...not you....and then she will take responsibility.
Reply:i would make her wear a uniform to school

that should help
Reply:you need to let her know you are the parents and she wont watch TV until you see her clothes for school the next morning and if you don%26#039;t like the clothes she picked out send her back into the room and find something else.
Reply:ok i was the same way and if didnt do what i was told i was told that i would be sent to some bording school or i would be grounded for a year and dont let her change your mind dont fall victim of an 11 yr old and just tell her and she doesnt make somthing up that will make her do it
Reply:I would just start telling her to pull out the clothes she is going to wear or you are going to start treating her like she is in preschool and pull them out for her....DO NOT DO THIS ...........M make her little butt go to bed at 8 for about a week and then when she decides that this is not fair then tell her to go get her clothes out for school and whatever she pulls out is what she IS wearing.....Hopefully this helps.It is going to get easier but not for a few more years. GOOD LUCK
Reply:No TV till she wears that dress for school! She%26#039;ll learn... It%26#039;s up to her whether she learns it the easy way or the hard way!
Reply:dont let her whatch tv before she has got her clothes out ready
Reply:Why hasn%26#039;t her dad stepped up to the plate in all this?

What I do with my nephew who lives with me is this. bedtime is at 8, nightly routine begins at 7. That means the TV goes off.

Shower, teeth brushing, lay out clothes for the next day and if there is time, he can read until 8pm.

He complained and acted bratty about it, but it has worked.
Reply:I agree with some of the answers above me. I can%26#039;t say that I would take the t.v. out, but limit it. If that%26#039;s part of what%26#039;s holding her back from doing her responsibilites, then when she doesn%26#039;t do what she%26#039;s suppose to, let her know that she%26#039;s not going to be able to watch tv that afternoon. Good luck!
Reply:Wow, I have the exact same problems with my 11 year old son...I thought it was just me, lol. Here is what we do and it makes life much easier, I make him shut the TV while he is getting everything ready for school the next day. When he has it all together, I check it before he turns the tv back on. If he chooses not to wear it the next day and gives me trouble, I remind him that %26quot;he%26quot; chose the items and also that if he does not put them on, he will lose his tv for that evening. I have only had to do this once, when he realized I wasn%26#039;t kidding...He now gets his things ready and chooses what he will %26quot;really%26quot; wear in the morning.
Reply:My daughter is 10 and pulls the same thing from time to time. She is grounded right now for lying about homework being done. Actually I think she just forgot 1 assignment but that really doesn%26#039;t matter.

Here are our rules:

1. The before bed routine MUST be done. (check out If she has her evening routine done (including picking out clothes) by 8:30 then she may have until 9 to read and settle down in her room before lights out.

2. If she isn%26#039;t done, then she loses the free time, finishes what she didn%26#039;t do, and lights out right then.

3. TV is THE FIRST to go. She isn%26#039;t allowed to watch more than a 1/2 hour on the weekdays.

4. NO changing the clothes laid out the night before, unless the weather changes it for her.

A violation like your daughter did would earn her a week of no tv, no phone except to family, no playing with friends. Further breaches of rules during her grounding removes her CD player, her gameboy, and taking baths (showers only, and my daughter loves baths) one by one. Then it%26#039;s on to more extra chores, but usually she is smart enough not to do that.

She knows the rules, and she usually follows them. Remember that your step-daughter is learning, she is only 11, and you should be worried if she didn%26#039;t do this. I think more structure and consistency will help her. Have a meeting about the rules, write them down and post them, and ask her to tell you what she thinks a fair punishment for breaking them would be (when she is not in trouble)

Good luck.
Reply:You are the adult and you need to show her that. She is 11 years old so when you tell her to do something and she refuses,take away the things she really likes. If she is watching t.v and you tell her to do something cut the t.v off until it is done,right. As goes her dressing make sure she is decent. If you don%26#039;t want to control to much what she wears, just make sure its something she %26#039;should%26#039; wear. And stepdaughter or not she still represents you and your husband and what she does reflects on you. Lying should never be permitted and if it has to come to this in situations like that you should have made her wear the dress. What could she do but admit the truth and face the consequences. It is merely cause and effect. Considering all this which one will have the upper-hand from now on, you or a 11 year old?
Reply:I have a 10 year old daughter, and she does things like that too. I think its the age. However, she should be punished for not telling the truth. maybe the TV should go off a 1/2 hour earlier tonight, so she will have plenty of time. this means that others in the house will have to suffer by having the TV off too, but so be it.
Reply:train this child with love and patience.

If he doesn´t obey, try to be closed to him/her

till you find out what she really likes and wishes.

Give this to her and try to make a deal as a friend not as a commander.Treat him/her as a friend. It will work.
Reply:make a deal with her

take away something she likes such as the tv,if she does not do wat she should do

grounding might help

no tv no com no music

but it might also back fire

so good luck


Am I the only person who thinks it is disgusting to wear shoes inside the house?

This is a follow up to my last question regarding in-laws who will not remove their shoes in my house.

Is it only me who thinks it is disrespectful and unsanitary to wear shoes inside the house?

It skeeves me just to think of how filthy a house may be when people track their dirty shoes in and out. I mean seriously... What if someone stepped in dog feces and then rubbed it in on the carpet where your kids play?

Am I the only person who thinks it is disgusting to wear shoes inside the house?
Ugh. I am right there with you. I%26#039;ll make exceptions once in a blue moon - I%26#039;m not obsessive about it - but I have new carpet. If you look at the floor right in front of the front door where I have people take their shoes off, and compare it to the floor in the rest of the house, you will immediately see why I have a no-shoes policy. I mean, I don%26#039;t have kids playing on the carpet and I don%26#039;t really see it as disrespectful (unless the person knows you have that rule and chooses to disobey it), but it%26#039;s common sense. I%26#039;m essentially lazy, I don%26#039;t want to spend my time steam-cleaning my floors, and even if I did, sand from shoes can cut up the fibers in carpet so that even after it%26#039;s clean it still looks bad.
Reply:What if - what if....

I play the what if game a lot. But I don%26#039;t worry much about germs and dirt. I grew up in a pretty messy house and played in a fenced-in, dirt front yard. I was rarely sick as a child and that still holds true today. My boyfriend was a first born - and his mother sterilized everything - including the floors - and he was very sick as a child.

As humans - I don%26#039;t think we were meant to be so sterile. While playing in dog feces is not a pleasant thought - you seem to be thinking about it a lot more than the average person.

I LIVE in my living room. I think that%26#039;s how it got it%26#039;s name. That means - shoes on if I want - and sitting and lying on the furniture - and eating wherever I want.

If you want to have a rule of no shoes - you should provide those little over-the-shoe slippers that the realtors provide at open houses. It%26#039;s kind of rude to ask people to take off their shoes. Maybe they have a hole in their sock or something.
Reply:I don%26#039;t think it%26#039;s %26quot;disgusting%26quot; or %26quot;disrespectful%26quot; at all, except in a case like yours where the owner of the house does not want you to.

I usually wear my shoes into the house...though I take them off pretty quickly as a matter of comfort.

Edit: I should also add that I don%26#039;t have kids.
Reply:if someone steps in dog feces they should take their shoes off regardless of where they are lol. i only take my shoes off in my house because its comfortable. think about all the people will smelly feet? u want them to take their shoes off in your home? doubt it. i think this whole topic is a little bit on the OCD side if u ask me.
Reply:I agree with you: No shoes in the house. I like to walk around in my socks, and I prefer clean floors underfoot. It%26#039;s amazing how much cleaner things have been since I%26#039;ve stopped wearing shoes in the house.
Reply:I can%26#039;t stand wearing shoes in the house. Think of all the nasty things you step in. I don%26#039;t want that on my floors, especially with my son crawling around.
Reply:I don%26#039;t wear my shoes in the house but I realize that others are not the same as I. So I give them a pass. And you should see my Father In law%26#039;s shoe%26#039;s sometimes. I swear, I am a saint! LOL ;)
Reply:No, I think it%26#039;s sick too. If your feet is that gross, wear socks, but don%26#039;t drag that dirt and filth onto my carpet.
Reply:It%26#039;s disgusting inside %26amp; outside too.
Reply:i am completely with you. you track dirt and evrything when you were them inside.
Reply:i know it is sooo you are NOT the only one esp. w/ kids and dirt and germs GROSS
Reply:To be honest, the human body is designed to cope with a significant amount of germs. As one of these answers points out, her boyfriend was brought up in a sterile house and got sick lots. My boyfriend%26#039;s cousins live in a very sterile household, and the amount of vomiting/cold incidents I hear about them is just unbelievable. They are lovely but incredibly sickly children. Now me on the other hand, I was brought up in a house of cats and germs. And even now I get ill so very very rarely. I haven%26#039;t had a proper cold in about 3 years!

Having said all that, I do have OCD and, like you, recoil at the horror that could be walked through my lovely safe little house when people come in shoes. But I am trying to come to terms with this one because I know it will not harm me. I insist people check their shoes before coming in, because if there is anything unpleasant (animal substances or otherwise), I do not want that in my house. I always insist on shoe removal when I%26#039;ve been on a night out in town because there%26#039;s ALWAYS blood on the floor or vomit or whatever, so I insist on a mass shoe removal and I disinfect the soles in the morning.

I%26#039;m guessing that if you%26#039;re funny about shoes, you don%26#039;t have a pet yourself? I can%26#039;t remember the statistics but it%26#039;s been discovered that a large proportion of dogs have fecal matter on their hind legs. But people don%26#039;t bathe them before letting them back in the house if they%26#039;ve just been for a normal urban walk. And cats, they trot in and out as they please, after walking through the same streets people%26#039;s shoes have walked.

I think it%26#039;s a matter of perspective. Yes, it%26#039;s an unpleasant thought but if you clean floors regularly, it shouldn%26#039;t cause a large problem.

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