Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My shoes are just a little too big... help?

I just got new shoes last night. Problem is, my heals slip out of them every once in a while. The 8 was just too small and the 8.5 is just a little too big... but i got the 8.5 -- is there an insert that might help them fit just a little bit more snug?

My shoes are just a little too big... help?
Yes. There is a heel insert that fits around the back portion of the shoe so that when you insert your foot, it keeps your foot in the shoe by taking up that extra space in the back. There are also whole sole inserts that will fill in the extra space inside your shoe. They can be purchased at the shoe store or go to TARGET and get them cheaper.
Reply:Put Tissue in the front bit of the shoe, or wear some in soles to help them stabelled...
Reply:In a pinch I%26#039;ve shoved plastic grocery bags in the toes...Yeah it%26#039;s ghetto fabulous but it works.


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